Cave Creek, Arizona Jewelry Designer and Local Musician Jack Dooley — Jack The Jeweler

Cave Creek, Arizona Jewelry Designer and Local Musician Jack Dooley — Jack The Jeweler

Written by: Caleb Ross

Mike Anthony Interviews Jack The Jeweler — Goodson Gallery

Known as Jack The Jeweler for his custom jewelry designs, Jack Dooley is a lifelong friend of Mike Anthony and Arizona native with a family history of Geologists who introduced him to the beauty of nature as a young child. This inspired his lifelong passion for rock-hounding, crystal collecting, and exploring nature; which prompted his career in Jewelry Design. During his interview with Goodson Gallery he said that he will spend days up to weeks camping in the desert with his dog Lucy that travels everywhere with him. This is where he searches for rare stones and writes music; he has a passion for the search and is a true treasure hunter.

Jack learned the craft of jewelry creation through trial and error and help from working alongside some of Arizona’s top Jewelers and is currently working in collaboration with Astrology Presents on a collection of the 4 elements — Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Using stones and crystals to represent each of the zodiacal elements. The Water collection is said to feature his rare Arizona phantom blue fluorite crystal that is a rare collection of Jack The Jeweler.

Jewelry design and craft was not his first medium of creative art; Jack Dooley has been a musician since a young child and is a masterful guitar player, music theorist, bassist, and vocalist that has written many works. He has performed alongside artists Chuck Hall, Hans Olson, and others throughout venues in Phoenix, Arizona. As well as attended a program at Berkeley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he studied music theory and collaborated with many other talented performing artists.

Jack’s style of music is a blend of many of his musical inspirations with elements of jazz, blues, funk, and rock. Some of his greatest inspirations come from the 1950’s beatnik jazz movement with artists like Ken Nordine and Jack Kerouac.

I look forward to more music and jewelry being produced by Jack Dooley and here are some links below to discover more about his art and to also send a request for custom commission work.

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