Xinye Lin —Future of Art, Immersive Experiences, and Live Performances

Xinye Lin —Future of Art, Immersive Experiences, and Live Performances

Written by: Caleb Ross

Mike Anthony interviews Xinye Lin — Goodson Gallery

“What I learned from my interview with Xinye Lin was the possible future of the art world and how we are at a point of technological advancement that we can now integrate the experiences of the 6 senses into live artwork.

Xinye Lin is an innovative visual artist and musician that has invented the first of its kind — immersive art experience that stimulates all the 6 senses. You will walk into another dimension as you see the three dimensional psychedelic artwork projected in the room, then Xinye’s live performance of the Guzheng, Tibetan Bowls, and transcendent Vocals wisps you into a deep trance during the guided meditation.

Xinye Lin (Portrait)

A new addition she is bringing to her shows is the ability for everyone there to influence the artwork whether by the unique frequency in their voice, or their movements. This will influence the artwork being projected in real time and the viewers will now also become the co-creators. It will be fascinating to see how the visual show differs with new groups of people.

After learning that Xinye’s artwork is portrayals of her personal closed-eye visuals during meditation this invited me to a new level of intrigue in her work. This is not a psychedelic abstract but a mental conscious landscape work of art. We are physically viewing inside the mind of Xinye!

xinye lin artist san francisco live performance interactive augmented reality virtual projection art exhibition

A unique design and architecture project by Xinye that immediately caught my attention was “Biomaterial of Senses 2” (I will leave a link below to watch the video) Here she poses a possible solution to the use of temporary architecture that is then thrown away by using biodegradable materials. In the video she captures a beautifully built structure using biodegradable resources as well as illusionary lighting and shadowing effects paired with her original music to create a captivating video.

Her talents are widely spread and she is a creative genius. I look forward to her new venture of live performances and immersive art experience events.” -Mike Anthony

Who is Xinye Lin?

Xinye Lin is an artist, designer, and musician with a background in architecture and urban planning. She received her education at the Rhode Island School of Design and has 25 years of experience as a professional guzheng performer. Xinye’s work explores the relationship between art, culture, rhythm, and philosophy, and she uses all of the senses in an interactive and dynamic way to depict methods of healing the mind, spirit, and soul. Her work is not limited to static projections of imagery, but rather is tied to various human and environmental factors such as motion, emotion, scent, and mood.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Xinye is dedicated to exploring space and visual arts related to meditation and healing. She specializes in combining elements like fragrance, music, visual arts, oriental philosophy, and bionics to create abstract and psychedelic spaces and atmospheres. Xinye’s works engage in an emotional conversation with the inner hearts of her audience.

Xinye’s creative inspiration comes from various sources, including her travels, cultural background, and professional experience in architecture and urban planning, personal experience with meditation and psychological healing, and interests in science fiction, sociology, cosmology, oriental philosophy, mathematics, and music. She is currently based in San Francisco and has been selected as the Artist of the GrayArea Theater Incubator Program.

Highlights of Xinye’s Awards and Exhibitions:

  • Certificate of Honor for Artists from the United Nations ECOSOC for her work “Future Beehive Gene Bank,”
  • Certificate from the A60 International Art and Tianjin Associate of Young Artists.
  • Led the team MotiMelo in the MIT Hacking Arts competition, where they placed in the top 10 with their project using machine learning to analyze the movements of people with disabilities and generating interactive music and visual arts based on those movements.
  • “Fluidity” by Xinye Lin was exhibited at the RISD Thesis Grad Show
  • “Liquid Space” by Xinye Lin exhibited at the RISD Thesis + Research Probe Exhibition
  • “Axo of Zero” by Xinye Lin exhibited at the RISD Architecture Thesis exhibition.

Xinye Lin Past Collaborations:

  • Cooper Hewitt Design Museum,
  • The Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture,
  • The Brooklyn Grange Exhibition,
  • The Digital Graffiti Alys Beach festival
  • The ILLUMINUS Boston art festival,
  • The RISD XYZ Magazine, and
  • The Woods-Gerry Gallery in Providence.

Xinye has also received numerous awards and scholarships including the Provincial Merit Student of Yunnan award, the Outstanding Undergraduate of Yunnan Province award, the Second Prize of National College Scholarship of China, and the Graduate Scholarship from the RISD.

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