About Goodson Gallery

Goodson Gallery, an esteemed Art & Antiques Gallery, offers an eclectic range of artwork spanning various eras, from Victorian portraits to modern abstracts, alongside a curated selection of unique antiques and rare historical pieces.

8+ Years Experience

With over eight years in the art and antique dealing industry, founder Mike Anthony Vallone brings invaluable services to collectors, including appraisals, certification, and advice on building valuable collections over time.

Online Advertising with Artists and Companies

As a subsidiary of 8th Dimension Advertising Agency, Goodson Gallery extends its expertise to select artists, entertainers, and companies, crafting strategic online advertising campaigns aimed at maximizing profits and fostering financial independence for artists.

Live Events & Retail Art

Additionally, the gallery bridges the gap between companies and artists, facilitating the spread of art through in-person investor events and retail store locations across the USA, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of art in various communities.

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Mike Anthony Vallone

Starting at 16 as an art and antique dealer, Mike Vallone expanded his business into the realms of entertainment and online advertising, achieving significant success with his feature film "Zodiac Crush," which attracted a large international audience. His expertise in online advertising was instrumental in the growth of the Dallas Socialite Network, a project he co-founded. Vallone further demonstrated his event management prowess by organizing Texas' 1st Cannabis Gala with Cheech and Chong's Apothicaria

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