Art Advisory + Acquisition

Goodson Gallery Est. 2022 by 7+ years Arts & Antique Dealer Mike Anthony who has built a large network of collectors and rising artists can assist you in growing a profitable art and antique collection as well as assist in the acquisition process.

How do we Help?

  • Collection Evaluation

  • Collection Building

  • Acquisition

  • Price Negotiation

  • Analysis & Reports

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Why have an Art Advisor?

Searching for a Specific Painting or Antique?

Are you in search of a specific artist or may be there is a rare historical item you want to have? Working with Mike Anthony and his team we can locate anything no matter how rare.

What will your Art Collection be worth?

Have you been building an Arts & Antique collection and wondering what it is worth today or what it will be worth 10-20 years from now? Mike Anthony and his team can use auction & online sales history to create evaluation reports on your collection predicting the likely future value.

How do you build a profitable Art / Antique collection?

Building a profitable art & antique collection that will stand against time & inflation is not luck, its a science! Mike Anthony and his team use their knowledge in the arts & antique industry to connect you with artists who are on the rise ready to break out in price as well as locate undervalued antiques and historical items that are bound to increase exponentially in value.

How do I meet artists that are on the rise?

Use Mike Anthony's connections in the art community to get exclusive pricing with artists. Mike finds artists who are on the rise by gauging their press, gallery representations, community presence, and unique talent.

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