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Mike Anthony

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Find Out What Your Art and Old Things Are Worth!

Hi there! Do you have art or old things like antiques and want to know how much they're worth? I've been studying art and antique items since I was 16, and I can help you find out their value.

Here's how I do it:

1. Send Pictures: Take some photos of your art or antique and tell me a little bit about it. Where did it come from? Anything special about it?

2. I Look It Up: I will use my special books and access auction databases to see how much people have paid for things like yours before.

How Much Does It Cost?: It's $50 to find out the value of 1 item, $95 for two or three, and $135 for four or five items, and if you have more please contact

What You Get from Me:

- A Report: After I look up your item, I'll send you a paper that tells you how much it might sell for, how I figured that out, and shows three other things like yours that were sold recently.

- Advice on Selling: I'll also tell you my best ideas on where and how you could sell your art or antique if you want to. Often times I will list you the best marketplaces or auction houses that will be very interested in your items.

Just So You Know: I help you find out how much you might be able to sell your items for, but I don't do the kind of reports you need for insurance.

Let's Find Out Together: I'm here to help you learn about your art or antique. Whether you want to sell it or just know what it's worth, I can help you understand its value.

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Customer Reviews

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Detailed Report

Quick response and detailed report with good leads. Thank you.

Valuable Report for Jewelry

Thanks for I recently ordered a jewelry appraisal service from Goodson Gallery, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The entire process was seamless, from the initial communication to the final delivery of the appraisal report. The seller demonstrated a high level of expertise and professionalism. The appraisal was thorough, well- researched, and delivered on time. The report itself was easy to understand, and it provided me with valuable insights into the worth and quality of my jewelry.

Found on Fiverr, great service thanks again Mike

Antique Appraisal

Beatrice Craig
Mike appraised my artwork, it was very detailed and had all the links to other auction results wh...

Art Appraising Service

Good service

Art Appraising Service