Appraisal & Identification Artwork or Antiques

Mike Anthony

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Do you have Artwork or Antiques that you'd like to appraise but don't know where to start? As an antique dealer and collector since the age of 16, I can help you determine the fair market value of your item.

Here's how it works: provide me with photos and a brief description of your item, and I'll use my access to large databases of auction history and research skills to find its value. 

$30.00/Item Max 5 Items (Appraisal + Identification)

For more than 5 Items - Message me for custom quote

expect to receive a final report after every order that includes the fair market value worth of your item, a statement on how I came to that conclusion, and the three most recent comparable auction sales. 

In addition, I'll provide a statement on my best recommendation of where and how to sell your art or antique, based on my expertise and market trends.

Please note that I do not provide insurance appraisals, as my focus is on helping you understand the true value of your item for selling purposes.

With my help, you can make informed decisions about how to proceed with your artwork or antique. Whether you're looking to sell or simply want to know the worth of your item, I'm here to help.

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Found on Fiverr, great service thanks again Mike

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Beatrice Craig
Mike appraised my artwork, it was very detailed and had all the links to other auction results wh...

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Good service

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Osito Feroz
Very good job

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Maykell Figuero
Great service

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