"Untitled" Abstract Expression by ZOHARKS 2022


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An abstract array of colors painted on canvas by artist ZOHARKS done in 2022. This painting is 50.0″ x 25.0″ in size and built on a heavy solid wood frame. Send Mike Anthony a message to inquire more about this piece!

ZOHARKS is based in the vibrant and creative city of Austin, Texas, this individual is a multi-talented artist with a diverse range of skills and interests. As an abstract painter, they have a unique and expressive style, using bold colors and bold brushstrokes to create dynamic and intriguing works of art. In addition to painting, this individual is also a talented photographer of people, capturing candid and authentic moments in their photographs. When they're not creating art, they can often be found behind the DJ booth, spinning a diverse selection of music and getting the crowd moving. With their creativity, talent, and versatility, this individual is a true asset to the Austin arts scene

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