Dallas Entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch Stars in Locally produced Movie “Zodiac Crush”

Dallas Entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch Stars in Locally produced Movie “Zodiac Crush”

Dallas Entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch Stars in Locally produced Movie “Zodiac Crush”

Article Written by: Nicole Wales

Dallas Entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch from Ravitch’s Rentals stars in locally Produced Movie “Zodiac Crush”

You may know Michelle Ravitch from the DFW Ravitch’s Rentals - a luxury car rental company that also does monthly giveaways on Instagram. However she has recently gained a completely new following from her lead role in “Zodiac Crush” the first ever astrology & numerology dating experiment — a 90 minute film.

Michelle Ravitch on seet of Zodiac Crush Dallas, Texas Astrology Numerology Dating Movie / Independent Film
Michelle on Set for Zodiac Crush (photo courtesy: zodiacrush.com)

This was not Michelles first time on camera I stumbled upon her IMBD page (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6393309/) and found one of her notable roles as Elena’s cousin in the hit TV show “Dallas”. She also has been seen on her philanthropic giveaway stunts on Instagram, where she once entered a Starbucks with a megaphone to surprise one of her followers with a hidden Porsche key taped under his seat!

Image from Video of Michelle’s MEGA Giveaway

This is just one of Michelle’s entertaining instagram giveaways! Stay up to date with her on instagram @ravitchm because you never know what she’ll be up to next. She is known for giving away free gas at gas stations, clearing the shelves of Christmas candy at Target, and sending her followers free gas gift cards randomly!


Ty Montgomery NFL Football Player from the New Orleans Saints Rentals a Porsche from Luxury Car Rental Business Ravitch's Rentals takes picture in Dallas, Texas with entrepreneur Michelle Ravitch

 Michelle Ravitch & Ty Montgomery (NOLA Saints)

Michelles “Porsche For a Day” Giveaway

When Michelle’s not on a production set or delivering luxury cars to her clients she can be found teaching Science for the Highland Park ISD, in Dallas, Texas. She has an impressive academic background having both a Masters in Teaching and Science.

Learning all about Michelle’s dynamic character and far spread talents got me so curious to watch her role in “Zodiac Crush” that I went ahead and purchased the online rental, and wow! I was not disappointed it was both so real and very funny. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys dating shows with a more intellectual side and if you are already into astrology than its a no-brainer you must watch it!

This reality TV show -turned- film just premiered this past November in Fort Worth, Texas, 2022! I expect it to gain a lot of traction. Not only do Texans love supporting their own, but also the astrology presents fan-base has recently exploded. I believe Michelle will gain a lot of support from the community. In fact, the show itself already has served as the feature article in the December issue of the Fort Worth Weekly Holiday Guide to Dating!

Remember to get out there and support local businesses, and while you’re at it, go ahead and support local movies too!


Nicole Wales

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