Art & Antique Appraisal Service

Goodson Gallery Est. 2022 by 7+ years Arts & Antique Dealer Mike Anthony will appraise and identify your artwork or antique estimating its fair market value using first hand knowledge and access to multiple online sales history & auction databases.

How do we Help?

  • 7+ Years Industry Knowledge

  • Access to 5+ Online Sales & Auction History Databases

  • Locate similar sold listings

  • Find the Fair Market Value

  • Extensive Online Research Skills

Your Questions Answered!


What is the price?

Appraisals with Identification for Fair Market Value is $30.00/Item which includes a 1 page report and up to 3 similar sold results.

What is your Fiverr Link?

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What are you able to Appraise?

We are able to appraise about any Antique, Vintage Collectible, or Artwork

While our expertise focuses on old musical instruments, artwork (paintings), and 19th century antiques.

Our extensive research skill and access to online sales history databases provides us the ability to appraise about anything

also you can send us a message about your item for confirmation before ordering!

What to expect on my report?

expect to receive a final report after every order that includes:

  • The fair market value worth of your item.
  • A statement on how I came to that conclusion.
  • The three most recent comparable auction sales.
  • A statement on my best recommendation of where and how to sell your art or antique, based on my expertise and market trends.
  • Please note that I do not provide insurance appraisals, as my focus is on helping you understand the true value of your item for selling purposes.

Do you do insurance Appraisals?

Goodson Gallery does not provide insurance appraisals at this time and is only providing Fair Market Value / Auction estimate appraisals.

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