Newly Published Local Fort Worth, Texas Children's Author James Sherwood "Planet Storyland"

Newly Published Local Fort Worth, Texas Children's Author James Sherwood "Planet Storyland"

Transcribed from Interview by: Caleb Ross

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Q: What inspired you to write the book “Planet Storyland”?

A: The book was inspired by my curiosity about what a person from another planet would think about how we live on Earth, and my desire to understand my own thoughts and express myself better through writing.


Q: Can you tell us about the main character in the book, Quentin Augustine?

A: Quentin Augustine is the main character of the book who lives on the Planet Gliese. He loves to visit the library and finds a book about Earthlings. The book shocks him and he wants to see the Earthlings with his own eyes, but his mother says no. He and his father have a discussion about it and find a solution to the Earthlings’ troubling way of life.

Q: What did you learn while writing the book?

A: While writing the book, I realized that there were gaps in my thought process that I needed to fill. I learned to express myself better through writing, and that my writing process involved closing my eyes and watching the characters interact in each scene.

Q: What surprised you most about writing the book?

A: What surprised me most was how obsessed I became with writing Planet Storyland and how every word, sentence, paragraph, and chapter had to be perfect.


Q: Can you explain the meaning behind the title “Planet Storyland”?

A: The title “Planet Storyland” refers to Earth, which is an inhabited planet where billions upon billions of stories are told every day.

Q: What does the phrase “The words of the few” mean in the context of the book?

A: “The words of the few” refers to the rules and laws that govern 193 countries, which were conceived by a few people when you consider that 117 billion people have been born on Earth.

Q: Why do you think there is a problem with communication on Earth?

A: There is a problem with communication on Earth because there are thousands of recognized languages in use, and we are most familiar with the use of language in our neighborhoods, cities, states, class level, and stature. Not being able to speak more than one language can lead to communication barriers between different people.

Q: Was the main character Quentin Augustine inspired by a real person?

A: Yes, the main character was inspired by me, the author.

Q: What happened to Quentin Augustine after the book ended?

A: I decided to take on the embodiment of Quentin Augustine and share his story, his good news with as many people who are curious about the book he wrote "PLANET STORYLAND"

Q: Why do you think Planet Storyland will have worldwide appeal?

A: Planet Storyland will have worldwide appeal because it appeals to the curious child in all of us and provides a liberating message of hope and equality. The book provides a unique perspective of our world, looking from the outside in, and it has a universal message that will resonate with people everywhere.

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