ZOHARKS - Austin, Texas Photographer and Fashion Stylist

ZOHARKS - Austin, Texas Photographer and Fashion Stylist

Written by: Caleb Ross

Mike Anthony Interview with Photographer & Stylist ZOHARKS

Zoharks is an artist with a multitude of talents and past projects that will impress. He is a creative that uses his knowledge for a wide spectrum of projects including; writing and managing a financial blog, being the wardrobe/fashion stylist for astrology dating movie “Zodiac Crush”, and managing local musicians online presences and portfolios.

Zoharks — Xavier Singleton (Portrait)

When talking to Zoharks about his artistic expression during an Interview with Mike Anthony he told that natural human photography was his greatest outlet, he has a love for capturing moments of life — whether it his friends, clients, or people he meets at random when exploring new cities.

Later this 2023 he will be debuting his first photographic collection that is titled ‘The Zine” which features film photographs he has taken of his friends, street photography, as well as influential fashion trends he has curated and collected throughout his experiences in Austin, Texas.

He has his own unique curated style that can described as vintage, striking, and naturally off guard. He expresses that he does not stage any photographs and only focuses on capturing natural moments as they happen.

Photo Courtesy of Zoharks: Xavier Singleton

Photography is not his only creative outlet. In Zoharks’ interview with Goodson Gallery he talks about his love for styling people and viewing them as a blank canvas that with clothes and accessories he can turn them into masterpieces of art and modeling. He has also experimented with abstract styles of painting which have exhibited in local Galleries and airbnb’s throughout Texas. Beyond this he has produced numerous works of electronic music and has DJ’d parties and events in Dallas, Texas. Listening to his music is a trip inside the inner creative mind of Zoharks — I will add links to his sound cloud for you can experience this yourself.

Zoharks Exhibition and Features:

  • “Create Arlington” Art Gallery 2021 Featured two Untitled paintings by Zoharks
  • “Goodson Gallery” Art Gallery 2022 Features “Untitled” painting by Zoharks
  • “Goodson Gallery” Interview with Mike Anthony 08/27/2022
  • “Zodiac Crush” Lead Wardrobe/Fashion Stylist 2022
  • “8D News” ZOHARKS — Austin, TX Photographer/Fashion Stylist Jan. 2023


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