Ancient Clay Chinese Head The Tomb's Attendant

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The Story

The remarkable journey of a rare ancient Chinese clay head begins with its discovery at an estate in Highland Park, Texas, owned by a well-traveled affluent couple who recently passed away in late 2021. Art dealer Mike Anthony, intrigued by the head, found it amidst a collection of rare artifacts.

↓Research & Identification↓

The Research

Extensive research was conducted to shed light on the clay head's true nature. Anthony reached out to knowledgeable collectors of Chinese antiquities, immersed himself in online resources on Chinese culture, and engaged in discussions with other appraisers. Although a definitive origin remains elusive, a Chinese antiquity collector shared a similar find, indicating that these clay heads were once attached to full bodies, acting as guardians for graves and tombs in Northern China during the Qing Dynasty.

↓The History↓

The History

These clay heads served as overseers and protectors in the spiritual realm. Handmade from clay and grass straw, they were meticulously crafted and painted by the deceased's families, providing protection in the afterlife. The head's ancient lineage and its connection to Chinese burial customs evoke a profound sense of history and mysticism.

↓Pawn Stars TV Show↓

Pawn Stars TV Show

During the filming of "Pawn Stars Across America" in Dallas, Texas, Mike Anthony had the opportunity to share this rare discovery with Rick from Pawn Stars. However, Rick's response was unexpected as he simply stated, "It is too weird for me," highlighting the distinctive and intriguing nature of the clay head.

↓Rarity & Sentiment↓

Rarity & Sentiment

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↓Transformed into NFT Movie↓

Transformed to NFT

Mike Anthony took the ancient Chinese clay head and transformed it into a NFT movie on the Ethereum blockchain, available on the OpenSea platform. Through cutting-edge technology, this short GIF breathes life into the clay head, animating it with subtle movements and even a playful wink at the camera. This captivating NFT showcases Mike's creativity bridging the gap between ancient artifacts and modern digital art forms.

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