Goodson Gallery Mike Anthony Strikes Big in The World of Antique Harmonicas

Goodson Gallery Mike Anthony Strikes Big in The World of Antique Harmonicas

Written by Caleb Ross:

The Story:

In 2017, art dealer and enthusiast Mike Anthony embarked on a thrilling adventure that would lead him to a remarkable acquisition - a vast collection of over 100 antique harmonicas. This captivating story takes us back to the moment when Anthony struck a deal with a collector in Fort Worth, purchasing an entire room filled with shelves adorned with rare and valuable harmonicas. What followed was a journey of research, discovery, and unexpected financial success as Anthony delved into the world of antique musical instruments.

The Acquisition:

For a mere $700.00, Mike Anthony found himself the proud owner of an extraordinary collection of antique harmonicas. Laden with excitement, he loaded up his car, carefully transporting over 100 rare harmonicas back to his home. Each harmonica held a story, a piece of history waiting to be uncovered.


The Research and Unveiling:

Upon reaching home, Mike Anthony embarked on a meticulous journey of research and documentation. One by one, he photographed each harmonica, capturing their essence in the best possible light. Anthony dedicated himself to listing each harmonica individually online, unveiling their unique qualities and historical significance to potential collectors and enthusiasts.

Uncovering a Hidden Treasure:

In the midst of his research, Mike Anthony stumbled upon a truly exceptional harmonica - the Honer Trumpet Harmonica dating back to the year 1900. Recognizing its rarity and value, Anthony wasted no time and listed it for sale. Within days, the prized harmonica found a new owner for a remarkable price of $1000.00. This sale marked just the beginning of Anthony's journey into the hidden treasures within the antique harmonica collection.

antique honer sextet harmonica goodson gallery

A Cascade of Success:

The story of Mike Anthony's antique harmonica collection didn't end with the sale of the Honer Trumpet Harmonica. As he continued to list and showcase the remaining harmonicas online, Anthony struck gold multiple times over. Approximately ten harmonicas were valued at $500 or more, and to his delight, they sold rapidly. The demand for these unique musical artifacts was evident, and collectors were eager to acquire these rare gems.

Passion Meets Opportunity:

In an interview, Mike Anthony expressed his deep appreciation for dealing in antique musical instruments, describing it as one of his favorite categories of rare collectibles. With his background as a classical guitar musician and a genuine love for music, Anthony found himself drawn to the rich history and craftsmanship of these antique harmonicas. Being able to test and experience these instruments firsthand was a source of immense joy for him.


Mike Anthony's acquisition of the large antique harmonica collection stands as a testament to his passion, dedication, and keen eye for valuable artifacts. From striking a deal to conducting meticulous research and realizing substantial financial gains, Anthony's journey into the world of antique harmonicas was an adventure filled with excitement and unexpected discoveries. This captivating story highlights the enduring appeal of musical instruments, the vibrant collector community surrounding them, and the profound connection between art, history, and the human spirit.

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