Tour the Art Exhibit at Texas' 1st Cannabis Gala

The Cannabis Gala hosted by DRMZ Cannabis Investments, US Weed Investing, and Goodson Gallery. Texas' 1st Cannabis Gala January 13th, 2024.

The Cannabis Gala

Meet the Artists featured in Goodson Gallery's art exhibit at The Cannabis Gala in Richardson, Texas featuring 8 Dallas based artists with live jazz guitar accompaniment by musician Andrew Getman.

Enrique Gonzalez live painter at the Texas Cannabis Gala

Enrique Gonzalez

Meet the Live Painter from The Cannabis Gala Enrique Gonzalez who brought to life Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin through live canvas painting. He is astoundingly fast with his work and is known for his vast body of artwork he has created including murals.

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Andrew Getman live jazz guitarist at The Cannabis Gala

Andrew Getman

UNT Music Master Andrew Getman plays live jazz guitar improv setting the tone for networking throughout The Cannabis Gala.

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KevRon Madden

KevRon Madden is a renowned hyper-realist who paints surreal moments. Based in Dallas, Texas KevRon is well recognized for his popular collections that blend western and space themes.

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Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is a Dallas based artist who works predominantly in portraiture and capturing the essence of individuals through his keen eye for color and lighting.

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KEVI, a Dallas-based artist, began painting just last year and has quickly created a notable body of work, including multiple murals across the city. Using spray paint, his vibrant style reflects the energy of his surroundings. Notably, his murals exhibit an interactive quality as they change color with specific lighting.

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Lindy Houston

Lindy Houston, a distinctive artist based in Dallas, Texas, specializes in nationwide commission works. Her unique approach involves using her signature material, moss, to craft what she affectionately refers to as "mossom" pieces of art. These creations take the form of unique, three-dimensional sculptures rising from the canvas.

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Greg Matthew

Greg Matthews, a Dallas-based artist with a diverse range of styles, seamlessly transitions from surrealism to abstract expressions. In addition to his roles as an illustrator and creative director, Matthews is known for his distinctive soft palette, characterized by a rich interplay of blues and greens that define his artistic signature.

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Robert C. Smith

Robert, a Dallas-based oil painter and co-owner of No Kings Collective Tattoo Shop, infuses profound philosophy into every stroke of his brush. Within each painting, one can unravel infinite stories, as Robert intricately weaves hidden symbols and messages into his works, inviting viewers to explore the depths of his artistic narrative.

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DRMZ Cannabis Investments

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