Baron R/T - 1960's Concept Car Original Presentation 1/1 + NFT 3D Model Movie

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*Acquired from mid-century estate outside of Kennedale, Texas in 2018*

(Price Includes Both Physical Presentation & Ownership of the NFT Movie)

Condition:Typed presentation is in very condition, all words can be read clearly. The images are in good condition but have small bite marks from mice.. The outside folder paper has browned, spots of dust stains, binding rings missing.

Will come with new binding rings installed, or left as-is if requested.

This piece is only for the truest car collector, that values owning a 1/1 in existence presentation of a concept car never brought into production. A design truly lost in time, I was unable to find more about Baron R/T anywhere online.

The NFT MOVIE — Click Here to see on Open Sea

This NFT Movie is the creation of a 1960’s concept car that was never manufactured and has been lost in time for over 60 years!

Watch the Video on Youtube — Click Here to Watch!

Story: The name of the engineer that originally designed the Baron R/T has been lost, but I will let you in on the story behind the acquisition of this piece in 2018. I met an antique collector through selling an item on Offer Up she is telling me about this collection of concept cars and boats she has at her house and about how she found them in the trash of their neighbor. From what she knows it was the man who lived there with his family and he had a job as an engineer / designer at Volkswagen during the 1960's. This me had me very intrigued so I continued to her house and bought nearly all of the collection. (Sadly most was lost to mice eating.) I sold the majority of the collection back in 2018, but always held onto this presentation, now in 2022 I had made into a 3D Model NFT Movie. To bring life to a lost piece of art!



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